Hindenburg Sneak Preview.

                       Sneak preview of the Lounge, Promenade, & Reading & Writing room

  Here it is! this is the lounge area of my model of the Hindenburg ( the most current version can be found on the Sketchup 3d Warehouse under the title: Hindenburg A deck. by hlostoops.)
  I had been posting photographs of the model on the now crashed website "AirshipModeler" & the move to Zeppelinheim will take some time. In the time after the crash I was able to update the railing (seen here) and the Dining Room tables.
  As well as posting photographs & updates on my models, I hope to include before/after photos of the models, as well as comparison photographs with the actual specimen.
  I hope you will enjoy reading Zeppelinheim as much as I will enjoy writing it.

Hendrick Stoops


  1. Looks good, Hendrick. Yes I do realize that it is alot of work reposting stuff that was,(I assume lost) from scratch all over again in another location. Who knows, Airship Modeler may still be intact, and OK,but I have my severe doubts about that. Keep up the good work. On a blog, you can tag, or label your posts with keywords, such as in your case, "Hindenburg". I have been using "R-34", but more importantly been using the keyword of "Airship Modeler" in all my R-34 posts so when people who used to be members on the forum do a word search, they can find my posts on the R-34 on my blog. Just an idea.

    Jim- (Dirigible_Nut).

    1. Thanks for the tips... Blogger needless to say is brand new territory. Also, a very big thank you for visiting the [new] page


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