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A brief note on "Airship of the Month"

To facilitate a complete story of any airship that I feature I will no longer be using the label "Airship of the Month". Instead, I'll have a "Featured Airship" which allows me to take as long as I need on a particular airship E.G. with so much information on the Hindenburg It'd take more than one month to complete a full collection on it.)

This will go into effect on April 1st with the Shenandoah as was originally planned for March.

In the meantime, to make this post presentable, here are two of my all-time favorite airship photographs.

The Hindenburg floats towards disaster at Lakehurst. Two hours later the ship would become one of the most famous air disasters of the 20th Century.
The R-101 lit up inside her Cardington hangar.