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Robert Wise: The Hindenburg

Watching  "The Hindenburg". Lehmann just told George C. Scott's character of his plans to live in Zeppelinheim; needless to say it was an "up ship" moment.

AOTM January - Hindenburg - Model update

"... The new Queen of the Skies, the Hindenburg!" - Robert Wise's "The Hindenburg".

More like the first 1/8th of the Hindenburg
The preliminary Hindenburg is beginning to take shape!
Please tell me what you think below!
This sentence is to insert an extra exclamation point! (couldn't pass up the opportunity)

Airship of the Month January ~ Hindenburg ~ update

A quick "hold over" piece before I post an update of my Hindenburg model (naturally two days late!)

And after...
Courtesy of Microsoft Paint (yes I said Paint).
In the mean time what could this be?
Guesses anyone?