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Deutsche Luftschiffe Zeppelin-129 Hindenburg

Just a few photos of the upcoming Airship of the Month.
Airship Hindenburg over Manhattan hours before disaster.
7:25:15 P.M. The end of the giant airships.

Hendrick Stoops

A fallen dream: the end of commercial airships ~ part 1 Introduction

Quick note: The essay will be posted in 9-10 parts about every other day.

 One by one the windows were opened and the people arose from softly upholstered orange chairs. A man showed his three children how far they had come from Frankfurt to New York on the skillfully painted pastel mural of the world on the far side of the lounge. Then, the dirty tops of skyscrapers, one rising above the rest, appeared from out of the clouds. The passengers waved to the visitors of the great building, then pointed towards the parks, the tall statue jutting out of the glimmering harbor, and, below them to the sleek Queen Mary, her three red and black funnels sparkling, pulling into her Cunard pier, before returning to their seats. 

Hindenburg model~Delay

Apologies for not posting photos of the Hindenburg model. I've been under the weather for the past few days. I'll hopefully have photos up by Monday.

Photo of the week

Here's the photo of the week! The always spectacular "Hindenburg" making a grand entrance into the  United States over the skyscrapers of New York City. Circa 1936?
More photos [finally] of my 3D Hindenburg model tomorrow!  

Hendrick Stoops