Blog format update.

This is a notice on the format of Zeppelinheim.Blogspot. As I try to coalesce Zeppelinheim into a cohesive resource (virtually impossible for me!) I've settled on a format that I think'll be easy for me to write & you to read.

Each month I will have an "Airship of the Month" as previously stated the blog will be focused on one airship (in Decembers case the R-100) with the occasional post on another part of the Airship Era. During each month I'll be working on research for the selected airship, modelling various parts of said airship, and posting essay(s), photographs, links, and vignettes of the airship. To facilitate work on my current model (the Hindenburg) the "Airship of the Month" for January will be the LZ-129.

As always I'm open to suggestions as to the "Airship of the Month" and "Photo of the week" simply email the suggestion to "" and include the word "Zeppelinheim in the main E-mail to help me find your suggestion.


Hendrick Stoops


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